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I am very passionate about education. I truly believe that the more we know, the more we can help and connect. As such, I am very passionate about being a resource to help individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and communities learn more and better understand topics such as mental health, trauma, domestic violence, etc. I would be happy to share previously designed trainings or custom tailor presentations for whatever your training and/or speaking engagement needs might be.
Sample Training/Speaking Topics That May be of Interest 
  • What is Trauma

  • What is Domestic Violence

  • Neurological Impacts of Trauma

  • Increasing Self-Awareness

  • Self-Care

  • Burnout and Burnout Prevention

  • What are Boundaries

  • Boundary-Setting Strategies

  • Emotion Management Strategies

  • Thought Management Strategies

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Better Understanding PTSD

  • Better Understanding Dissociative Disorders

  • Steps to Establishing a Private Practice

Current & Past Training Experience
  • 12-Part Training Series on Trauma-Informed Care for Lawyers and Domestic Violence Shelter Staff 

  • Neurological Impacts of Trauma for Multiple Domestic Violence Shelters

  • Establishing a Private Practice for Doctoral Students

  • 2-Part Training Series on Understanding and Managing Domestic Violence for Mediator Training

  • Better Understanding How to Work with Domestic Violence Survivors with Mental Health Professionals

  • Understanding Psychological Testing with Mental Health Professionals

  • Working with Domestic Violence for Mental Health and Professional Advocacy Staff at Trauma Conference

  • Understanding the Doctoral Degree Internship Process at Multiple Professional Association Conferences

  • Understanding Dissociation with Mental Health Professionals

  • Talking about Topics Difficult for Therapists with Behavioral Health Students


I am proud to be contracted as an Adjunct Instructor with People Incorporated. The training department does amazing work to better educate mental health professionals, community advocates, emergency service professionals, future leaders, and other important community groups on important topics related to mental health.

Currently, I provide education by conducting trainings on stages of change and psychotic disorders. In addition, I am in the process of developing presentations about domestic violence and dissociative disorders. Stay tuned. 


I do not currently have set rates for training and speaking fees. Costs are dependent upon factors such as whether new materials must be created, how much research is needed for materials, etc. I do not desire fees to be a barrier to education. Please ask. 

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