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Practice Areas

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy is regularly scheduled one-to-one sessions. We will begin by completing a diagnostic assessment so I can best understand your background & experiences, and what we're treating. After, we will collaboratively complete a treatment plan to address your needs. From there, we implement the treatment plan using methods such as talk therapy, skills, relaxation, etc.

Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy is regularly scheduled sessions with other group members and a therapist. You do not need to be an individual therapy patient of this clinic in order to attend groups. You must, however, complete a diagnostic assessment at this clinic before attending the first group. At this time, all groups are focused on healing from domestic violence.

Domestic Violence

One area of focus of the clinic is helping individuals heal from the aftereffects of domestic violence (DV). DV is defined as acts of power and control perpetrated within the home between romantic partners, family members, and/or roommates. DV is more than just physical violence. It is also being blamed for things that are not your fault, being emotionally manipulated, being financially manipulated, being manipulated through your children, having your concerns minimized, etc. 

Trauma & Stress

Common trauma and stressor-related diagnoses include Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Adjustment Disorder, and Acute Stress Disorder. Symptoms of these diagnoses regularly include struggles with depressive-type symptoms, struggles with anxiety-type symptoms, conduct issues, irritability, sleep issues, intrusive memories, feeling upset when reminded about something that has happened, etc.  Developing dissociation (gaps in consciousness) is common with trauma. Please know trauma and dissociation are treatable.

Current Group Therapy

Currently Accepting New Clients for Telehealth Groups!

The Recovering and Healing from Domestic Violence therapy group is a 20-week part psychoeducation and part process therapy group for adult women who are healing from domestic violence. By attending the group, you will better learn how to manage difficult emotions, develop healthy coping skills, and build healthy relationships. Specific group topics include Rebuilding Trust, Assertive Communication, Relaxation Skills, Dealing with Anger, and Learning the Red Flags of domestic violence. Group meets Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm to 7pm. Most forms of insurance are accepted and a sliding fee scale is available.

Click here to see more information about group. 

Depression &
Bipolar Symptoms

Depression encompasses periods in which someone may feel sad or blue, have decision-making difficulties, struggle to feel joy, feel worthless or hopeless, have low or high appetite, struggle to sleep or sleep too much, have little energy and/or fatigue, and have thoughts of ending their life. Some people may also experience the opposite and have periods in which they feel like they can tackle great problems, become easily distracted, speak quicker than normal, and/or may feel the need for little sleep.   


Anxiety comes in many forms. Some people worry about numerous topics and find they cannot control their worry. Often these individuals are easily overwhelmed. Others may experience panic attacks and find they no longer control their body (i.e. racing heart, shortness of breath, etc.). Still other may experience intense fear from social situations and/or finding themselves face-to-face with something that elicits fear. 

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